Spur Made it Home & Has Surgery Tomorrow

May 28th, 2015 by

May 22nd Alison Weaver posted her plea for neighbors to be on the lookout for their beloved pet, Spur, a blue heeler. The Weaver’s 7 year old daughter, Falyn, was devastated. The Weavers offered a reward and plead for help on Facebook. There was an incredible outpouring of support and offers for a new puppy for Falyn but she politely declined. She wouldn’t give up on her best friend ever.


Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

Late in the evening, on the 26th, Alison walked outside to look at the lightening and there he was. Spur found his way home even after sustaining painful injuries. This very strong willed dog limped home with his leg broken in half and splintered in 4 pieces.

IMG_2108Young Falyn was reunited with her BFF and her mom said that, “As soon as Falyn walked in, Spur lit up, even in his pain, to love on her and kiss her.”

Alison let us know today: “Here is the latest on our little blue buddy: We have to amputate Spurs leg. It’s so badly broken in 5 places, and splintering off into the muscle and creating problems with blood flow. The other solution to plate it was no longer an option because they didn’t want to interrupt blood flow to cut him open. The vet said he will be perfectly mobile and ready to run in two weeks time. His surgery is tomorrow. Prayers for Spur : ) ”

Spur and FalynWhen asked if there was anything else that they would like us to know about the experience Alison had this to say, “The only request I have is I would love for people to know how thankful we are for all the “shares”, phone calls, help looking, and even offers to get our daughter a new puppy. We are completely overwhelmed with the support from everyone. There were over 650 shares of my post. Incredible!! Thank you so much for all you have done as well! We are so thankful.”


***Update*** May 29th – Spur is out of surgery and, while groggy, is doing well. His poor little leg was actually splintered in 8 places. I am still amazed he limped all the way home, what a will. He is expected to be back home in the morning and should be running around in a few weeks.

***Update*** May 30th – Spur has made it home and is doing well. Nurse Falyn is taking excellent care of him and staying close. The break was horrible and we are amazed that he made it home. What will and strength to get to his family. Alyson said, “Homeward Bound has NOTHING on this boy!” I really have to agree.

Spur & Falyn riding home Spur & Falyn resting Spur listening to Falyn read 'The Giving Tree' 


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