Shattered Dreams Program

April 20th, 2016 by

This time of year can be stressful for high school students. Prom, graduation, spring sports, and impending final exams add to the stress. But it is easy to forget that parents are also affected at this time of year as they worry about their teenagers attending prom and what happens afterwards. Among the scariest ideas for those parents, and the one that most try to put out of their mind completely, is that their teens could be involved in drinking and driving after prom.

Driving while distracted or impaired is extremely dangerous, as demonstrated by the many crashes and fatalities that occur as a result of those activities each year, each week, and even each day. However, it seems that teens involved with texting or drinking while driving cannot be reached by statistics alone. This is where the Shattered Dreams program comes in.

This year, Aubrey High School took part in the Shattered Dreams program, an activity which involves a demonstration of what happens after a drunk driving incident occurs. The organizers attempted to make the situation as realistic as possible.

It began with a wreck set up before students arrived. There were two cars that had been manipulated to appear as if they had had a head-on collision, two “dead bodies” played by high school students lying on the ground outside of the cars, and several students inside the cars either playing dead or pretending to be injured. Once the students were there, the rest of the program began. Students observed as several ambulances, police cars, a fire truck, and even a Care Flite helicopter landed on the scene. The students involved in the program were taken away in these ambulances, police cars, and the helicopter as if they had truly been in a wreck.

The program set up a powerful demonstration for students at Aubrey High School. Hopefully, students will take the program to heart and will make the right decision on prom night and in other times in the future- never drive while distracted or impaired.