Recycle Your Electronics

September 7th, 2016 by

Old electronics cluttering up your garage? Got an old water heater, refrigerator or big television? Ever wonder what to do with them?

The time for safely disposing of batteries, old computers and televisions is upon us.  Keep Aubrey Beautiful  is hosting their annual Electronics Recycling Collection Event on Saturday, September 17th 2016 at the Aubrey City Hall, located at 107 South Main Street, from 9:00 am till noon. DFW Reclaimers will be on site to gather all our junk and take it away safely.

Acceptable items include computers, batteries, monitors, printers, storage media, home entertainment items. All computer hard drives will be destroyed using a Garner HD3-WXL Degausser. The process meets government mandates.


In addition, home appliances will be accepted. All appliances must have freon removed. If freon has not been removed a $15 fee will be due at drop off.

At our last e-recycling event we collected 6,000 pounds of electronics equipment which included:

31 – monitors
69 – pcs
37 – laptops
31 – printers
70 – cell phones
4 – microwaves
5 – refrigerators
2 – water heaters

Come on down!


We need your junk!

We reached out to DFW Reclaimers to ask a few questions. They charge a fee for recycling TVs. Kevin McCanlies had the following to say, “Last year we charged $1 an inch to the city for any old TVs recycled, this fee was voided do to the amount of other items we received. Last year I believe we took in 20 tvs.”

Although the mobile degaussing unit will not be onsite, DFW reclaimers will be able to offer a certificate of destruction if needed.

The event is open to all citizens of the area. Last time we had residents of Krugerville, Cross Roads, Providence, Savannah, Paloma Creek including our unincorporated county. For more information contact Keep Aubrey Beautiful at [email protected] or at (940) 343-1313.