Planning Your Garden

January 8th, 2015 by


2015 is here and with these temperatures you probably aren’t thinking about gardening at all, but this is the perfect time to.  You need to get some plants started indoors and the garden needs tilled for February plantings so make sure to take advantage of our warm Texas weather when it is here.

There are several different types of gardens. Which one you choose will depend on many factors like what type of space and soil you have as well as how much time you can devote to your garden. There are fancy hydroponic gardens and cool aqua fish feeding gardens, but for now we are going to visit the more common outdoor soil gardens.

Traditional rowed crops are popular and are great if you have the room and can use all it yields. They are very simple to till up. Make rows with your hoe then plant and you can water everything in one area. When your garden is through producing you can mow it down.

Square foot gardens  use a method of growing what you need, as you need it, and mixing plants together within square foot gardening squares.  The mixing of plants is to help with insects and also to keep fresh production of short term plant growers like lettuce. It has been called the Salad Garden because you plant new seed for lettuce every week, carrots celery, and other salad fixings every week to maintain constant growth.

Container gardens are perfect for someone without good soil or space. They can be placed anywhere they can get sun but watering them requires a bit more than turning on a sprinkler. There is some debate on if the container garden used lest water or not. One thing is for sure though, if you are in an apartment then it may be your only option.

Raised gardens are great on your back, but take time to construct. You can built them as long or short as you would like and your space permits. Just make sure they are not too wide or you will strain your back bending over to pick. You want to reach the center of the raised bed from either side.

Regardless what garden suits your needs, you are in store for good honest work and good honest reward. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a basket out to the yard and choosing produce for your meals. Consider adding herbs to your garden and your kitchen will come alive this year. I warn you though, once you have cooked with fresh herbs you won’t want to go back to dried. Fresh cilantro, parsley and chives in your omelet mixed with your choice of veggies and meat, mm hmm that is mouth watering down home yum right there!

Do you garden? What type of garden do you like using the most?