Pakistan School Attacks – Military vs Police

December 16th, 2014 by

World News

It’s hard to imagine the kind of pure, unadulterated evil that can target a school full of children for a bloody murderous attack. In fact, I can’t begin to imagine such an act. And yet, that appears to be exactly what happened Tuesday in Pakistan. As of this writing it is estimated there are over 140 deaths, mostly children grades 1-12 and the toll is expected to rise. There is no way to know the level of devastation that would have occurred had the Pakistani military not intervened to push the bloodthirsty maniacs back.

That could not happen here in the US. I’m not talking about the attack, it most certainly could happen. In fact, more than one member of the intelligence community has suggested that these attacks could very well be a precursor, a sort of trial run, for similar attacks here. Much has been made about the porous state of our southern border and evidence has been found to suggest members of the murderous group known as ISIS may have crossed those very borders. And, we have already seen what the entire world has identified as jihadist attacks on our soil. Well, everyone except our own government has recognized attacks such as the Ft. Hood murderer as such.

So, I’m not suggesting the attacks can’t happen here. I am stating that when those attacks do happen, our nations military won’t be the force to respond. Unlike countries like Pakistan, our military does not roam American streets keeping us safe from terror. Our brave men and women of the US Armed forces have their hands full fighting evil overseas. No, the responsibility for keeping citizens safe on our soil falls to the federal, state and local police agencies. These agencies work under the auspices of their individual governing bodies, independent of each other, dependent on citizen support. Support which is eroding under the weight of race baiting sensationalists and their media enablers. That is not to suggest that racism is non-existent or that all police officers are righteous. We all know better than that. But, it is a call for an end to the uncalled for tactics taken by those with an axe to grind who are viciously lashing out at the police with chants of, “What do we want”, “Dead cops”, “When do we want it”, “Now” This during a “peaceful protest” in New York City on Monday.

Genuine grievances against the police should be taken seriously, investigated and when warranted, punishment assessed. No good cop wants to be associated with illegal behavior and all bad cops should be rooted out and removed. Laws should be enforced evenly and citizens should be treated with dignity and respect. I don’t know any cops that don’t agree with this statement.

But, the current anti-police sentiment has the potential to unravel what has been a strong safety net for Americans. If all involved can’t find a way to agree peacefully and settle on common ground the potential for disaster grows stronger and more likely every day.