Open Letter – Jeff Perry

March 22nd, 2016 by

When you have someone come to your home and try to intimidate you into quitting your re-election bid for city council, you know you’re doing something right!
At 5:26pm last night, RICK GABLE, who doesn’t even live in the city of Aubrey, came to my home and tried to use information about me that is “public information” to BULLY me into withdrawing from the city council race; advising me that unless I support my opponent LINDA FRANKLIN AND STEVE MURRAY, he would release this information.

Friends, you either know me or you don’t, and any information about me has been available since the very first time I ran for council. Now, however, you are getting to see the puppeteer in action and see the methods and scare tactics that he is willing to use to get his way. RICK GABLE is showing exactly the kind of man he is, and this is the man who some folks have chosen to help them get elected. If they do get elected, know that Mr. Gable will be in charge and will dictate to them how to behave while on counsel. Point – Linda Franklin told me to my face (while working at Diamond’s) before she knew who I was, that she was running for council but didn’t know against whom since, “they haven’t told me yet.” Have no doubt that GABLE is in control and will be making the decisions from behind the scenes. If Aubrey chooses to elect his candidates, it will get exactly what it deserves.

For the record, Rick Gable came to my house to bring me a list of my former sins. First off, his list tells us that I have been divorced. Yep, I remember that, and I believe it was brought up the first time I ran for city council. Next, I have had bad credit in my past. I, too, recall that, and I know it was also brought up before. Now here’s the reason that RICK GABLE thinks I’ll back down. Here’s what he thinks is the whopper. Nearly 20 years ago, in 1997, I was accused of Assault Family Violence. To make a long story short, I didn’t do it, but following the advice of my attorney, who didn’t want to go to court, I ended up with a mark on my record. Let it also be known however, that I have worked in law enforcement since 2001. I have worked in the juvenile field and my supervisors have always been aware of my ‘record.’ There has never been a reason for concern because that’s not who I am, and anyone who knows me knows that. I have never, and would never, put my hands on a woman or a child. I believe my record, as well as my spoiled wife and children, tell you what kind of man I am. I protect those who need it, not hurt them. I defend the weak, not attack them. I help those in need, not hurt them. And I am proud of who I was then, and who I am now. Don’t let outsider RICK GABLE control your actions. Contact me and get the truth.