Help Cleanup Efforts For Victims of Harvey

September 6th, 2017 by

“They didn’t wait for help. They became the help, and in so doing they inspired a nation.” This is the true embodiment of Texas culture.

Coy Johnson, Aubrey resident, did just that. He went to help with evacuation and rescue efforts and he needs our assistance to continue helping with the devastation that has hit our southern neighbors.

Here are his words:

“Like most who watched the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, I prayed for those impacted and wanted to help them in some way. Watching the powerful images of volunteers arrive by the truckload to pull people from the rising water made me proud to see so many come together for those in need. I have several friends who live in that area and like so many, they jumped in and began to do whatever they could to help. When the Beaumont area began to flood and those I knew took to social media asking for anyone that could help to get there I could no longer sit by and watch.

I left Wednesday morning (8/30) and headed toward the Beaumont area with a small flat bottom boat I borrowed from my younger brother to be of whatever help I could. We assisted people, handed out emergency supplies, and helped evacuate flooded neighborhoods. Unfortunately, a lack of supplies and mechanical issues cut the trip short and Thursday night we began trying to get out of Beaumont. At that time, HWY 90 was the only passable road out of town and the approximately 40-mile drive West to Liberty TX took approximately 5 hours. I arrived home Friday afternoon wishing I could have done more and wondering what else I could possibly do to help people recover.

The owners of JPH Operating in Pilot Point are friends of ours and while talking about all the storm damage they mentioned that they would be willing to provide a truck and trailer and cover the transportation cost if I could find a way to collect a load of supplies. I began to reach out to anyone I could to try and find a location willing to allow us to park the truck and be a collection point for us. The folks at the Greater Denton/Wise County Association of Realtors jumped at the chance to help and got on board rallying their members to help. We have been in contact with churches outside the Beaumont area that are acting as distribution centers for their communities. We have received list of what supplies needed and hope to be a blessing to them with a load of much needed supplies very soon.

If anyone would like to help, we have two-collection points. The GDWCAR office at 3805 W. University in Denton is accepting donation Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00 and the JPH Operating office at 1025 N Hwy 377 in Pilot Point is accepting donation from 8:00-7:00 Mon-Fri. Collection efforts began on Tuesday and will run until we fill the truck.”

Needed items:
Box fans
Shop Vacs (wet/dry vac)
Rubber trashcans
55-gallon trash bags
Work Gloves
Dust Masks
5 gallon buckets (lids)
Large dustpans
Utility knives
Push brooms
Kitchen brooms
Crow bars
Tarps (8×10)
Laundry Detergent
Terry towels
Paper/Shop Towels
Insect repellent
Kitchen/rubber gloves
Scrub brushes
Boxes & packing tape
Spray Bottles
Snacks & Food
Child & Adult diapers all sizes
Baby/Kid food
Hand sanitizer
Pet supplies
First aid supplies