Candidate Steve Murray’s Current Legal Issues

April 25th, 2016 by

To hear Steve Murray, candidate for Aubrey City Council, and his family tell the story, all of his financial troubles are in the distant past and are a result of the economic downturn that plagued the country in or around 2007. (See post by Steve Murray below)

But the facts, including a current legal case pending in Denton County judge, Robert Ramirez’ court, tell a very different story.

Case number CV-2016-00485 was filed on the morning of March 7, 2016, just 45 days ago and AFTER Murray filed to run for Place 1 on the Aubrey City Council. The plaintiff is Glazier Foods Company and the defendant is Mom’s Place, LLC. The supporting documentation obtained from the County Court shows that the original application with Glazier Foods was signed for by both Murray and his wife Kris Murray as the corporate officers.

The lawsuit is for Glazier Foods to be granted a judgement in the amount of $54,043.51. The supporting documentation obtained from the District Clerks office shows a detailed list of transactions that include nearly $35,000 in non-sufficient funds checks returned unpaid. The dates covered by the supporting documentation are from early August 2015 through the end of October, 2015, between 6 and 9 months ago.

I continue to gather more information regarding candidate Murray including multiple police reports regarding repeated harassment of other local business owners but considering early voting has started and people are already casting votes, I felt it important to release this information as soon as it was received and verified.

Civil Case Information

Plaintiffs Original Petition

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