Aubrey Students Assess Local Business Climate

October 27th, 2015 by

Aubrey High School Business Information Management (BIM) students are surveying local employers as part of their entrepreneurship project to better understand how companies are using technology, acquiring customers, and employment strategies.

As the high school students are learning Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and QuickBooks, this employer survey provides an understanding of which of these popular software packages local employers use. Additionally, it objectively determines if local employers value employees who have accomplished certification in the programs.
From a customer acquisition perspective, the students will gain valuable insight as to how local employers quantify the value of and the average cost incurred to develop each new customer. This will help them as they complete their business plans in the BIM class.

While Fortune 500 companies are often surveyed, most communities the size of Aubrey do not annually assess the “climate” of local employers—many of which have less than 10 employees. This survey gathers key data from all Aubrey-area companies including:

  • Annual turnover rate
  • Predicted new hires in 2016
  • Benefits offered to employees to attract/retain talent

According to Thomas Montgomery, BIM teacher and developer of the survey, “We intend to aggregate the information for public consumption but the specific details for each business will be held confidential.” He stated that once the surveys are administered and the data is tabulated, BIM students will present the findings to local civic and business leaders as a valuable assessment of the local business climate.

Montgomery credits his involvement with Denton ISD’s Adult Education and North Central Texas College as a catalyst to better connect academics and the business community. In addition to validating to students that the software programs that they are studying will be valuable after high school, he also wants to help local employers better understand free and grant-funded resources available to employers and employees such as GED education and on-site financial literacy classes called “Credit & Money”.

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