Aubrey Campaign Ethics Report

May 2nd, 2016 by

Every candidate for public office in Texas is required by law to follow certain rules in order to provide openness and transparency to the campaign process. These rules are part of the Texas Government Code and are regulated by the Texas Ethics Commission.

These laws filing complete and timely campaign finance reports that include a detailed list of who is financing the campaign and exactly what the candidate is spending that money on.

Council member Deborah Goin appears to have filed her campaign finance report properly and has spent a little over $500 from personal funds for campaign signs and door hangers.

Council member Jeff Perry filed for modified reporting and has not raised or spent more than $500 during the entire campaign cycle.

In the case of both candidate Steve Murray and candidate Linda Franklin, they have either failed to file the forms properly or have completely failed to file the form at all. Both candidates have had multiple violations filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Candidate Franklin filed her required campaign treasurer form nearly 30 days late. She filed her campaign finance report that was due 30 days prior to Election Day improperly and refiled the form 21 days late. This report shows campaign contributions totaling $847 and expenditures of $415 for campaign signs.

Franklin’s report that was due last Friday was filed on time but appears to be incomplete. No additional contributions are included in the report but an additional expense of $244 for mail outs is listed.

Candidate Franklin also had an ethics complaint filed regarding misrepresentation on her political signs but that appears to have been corrected by Franklin.

Candidate Murray’s violations include not even filing his latest campaign finance report that was due, by law, last Friday. A check with the City Secretary late Monday evening confirms that nothing was filed today.

Murray’s campaign finance report that was due 30 days prior to Election Day was also filed incomplete and has yet to be corrected. Murray claims nearly $1,500 in campaign expenditures made from personal funds for campaign signs.
Aubrey City Council elections are this Saturday.

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